Sunday, January 1, 2017

a year of systems and hope

Disclaimer: I started a new blog. I will probably comment regularly about Dilbert creator Scott Adams. He's rich and such, so he must be doing something right with his life where I am deficient.
Aside from the new blog, 2017 is starting much like 2016... buying shoes!

2016 wasn't very worthwhile with regards to blogging really. Stats were fine, but to no monetary purpose. Probably because the stats are bloated due to Russian interference. My SEO prowess is flawed for I don't get real page views or people clicking on ads that would generate revenue. I think I have been sitting on $10.71 over a year though I have 2,375K hits now compared to the 1,655K I had a year ago today.

I had a guy in my defensive driving class offer to buy my blog domain because of my stats. Nothing much, but it was funny to think I could cut loose something as personal as my private moments of nonsense.

Over the years, I have had numerous subjects discussed and I have attempted to organize the concepts, only to get lazy or to veer into matters better left to other domains. I have a number of blogs. I will try to weave them together here and there, but henceforth return to specializing my musings to their respective place of resonance much like saying Disney World is many different parks, everything is Dyland, but I will try to refine everything.

Happiness not from Concentrate(HNFC) has the most overlap, while Response to Scott(RTS) will be limited to Scott Adams. Meh was meant to be distilled commentary about events, but veered into HNFC elements. I have several other pages that I have abandoned that I have to revisit to understand why they exist. I need to make a directory to sort out the mess I have left.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Post Thanksgiving Thoughts

I am thankful for all that I have, and I take nothing for granted.
New job is okay on some levels and better than previous on most levels. Hard work at times, but I won't be doing it for too long given my position will change according to my co-workers saying it will. I didn't take it to be primarily a driving job, but it seems to be turning into such a gig. We shall see.
Car spent a month in the shop. Had a rental 31 days. Lucky damage was not of the totalling variety, but it was close. Insurance rates are roughly the same for next year, which seems weird considering the $7k in damage and rental fees they forked over for my accident.
Haven't heard from any former co-workers since I left a month ago. Spent nearly 4 years there and it's like nothing now.
Election drama will enter the 4th stage of grief soon enough. PizzaGate still is a thing. Fake news is blamed for a lot of things. Polls were fake, right?
I read God's Debris. Meh. I have read Dale Carnegie a few times over and a lot of books by authors such as Vonnegut, Richard Bach and Douglas Adams, so I can say "meh," without being too insulting to Scott Adams.
Annual doctor's visit: I weigh roughly 173lbs. Last year: 166lbs. Doc didn't mention my weight which he had in past years, but said my cholesterol and glucose numbers were great.
Wife is doing fine. Son is doing fine. Daughters are doing fine. My mom has stress fracture in her foot. We're all progressing towards 2017, I guess.
I've mostly conceded goals as being unobtainable or bad milestones, so I'm trying to be more systems oriented, as recommended by Dilbert creator, Scott Adams. Maybe he'll follow me on Twitter this year, if Twitter survives, I mean. Would be cool to have 100 followers, but it would be cooler to have 10K, if they generated money for me, at least. I don't create content for people, so my audience is myself, but I could change.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Friday, the first day back from vacation

I went to bed around 3am so naturally the kids woke me up around 8am. I don't recall much until leaving for my car's appt. They wouldn't look at it until next week but said I should leave it unless I wanted to bring it back after Thanksgiving. I'm not joking. I needed it appraised for my crash report. J wasn't happy but picked me up and we went to Meijer. We got home after 4. I got dressed for my interview and left around 4:40.
I was early, as was recommended in the email. Place was quiet. Interviewer kept me waiting a few moments in the break room before getting me around 5 and giving me a tour of the building. He explained the job and showed me examples. We went back to his office.  He said a few things and asked if I was still interested. I said yes. He printed out something and handed it me. It was a job offer. I said yes and and signed. He gave me some forms to take to an Urgent Care that was few towns north. I left at 5:20. I called J and told her I had the job and that I was going for my physical. She said she'd put dinner aside for me.
I arrived at the Urgent Care at 5:45. No one was in waiting room excpt someone was at the counter paying or something. A few people came in after me. I had to fill out a questionnare and waited until they called for me. I waited some more in the room. I waited again until I was told to pee in a cup. I waited some more as the medical assistant handled my pee. Eventually, a doctor came around and had me cough and such.
I was there until after 8. They, aside fom the doctor,  seemed very confused by everything involved in my pre-employment tests and such. Seemed like forever.
I had only eaten a bowl of oatmeal all day long until I got home around 8:30.
I was tired and in shock. I wasn't prepared to be offered a job. Weird day.

more about vacation

I had been grumpy. The drive to Arkansas was long. We left home before 6pm on Friday and drove until we made it to Orlinda, Tennessee about 4 hours(282 miles) later.  Accident happened at the hotel next morning as I was pulling out, so we got a late start for Arkansas the second day.
I got hit in the driver's side door near the wheel. Car still drove well and we had reservations in both Arkansas and Alabama. We had duct tape, so I taped up the gap in the door to dampen the noise. We stopped at Burger King after deciding the sky around rest stops looked smokey.
Arkansas was a cabin in a fake town. Place is called Diamond's Old West. Nice place but it's in the middle of Arkansas and only worthwhile to stay if you are going to Crater Diamond State Park.
Arkansas is not T-Mobile country. I never got my phone call/vm from insurance until we left the state. I saw I had a VM when we stopped at Burger King near Monroe, LA.
Alabama was a hotel on the beach, but it was dark by time we reached it. Nice weather though! Kids loved it. Wife loved it. I loved the breakfast.
I didn't bother checking VM until Tuesday because all day Monday was dedicated to driving. Took a while to get ahold of insurance guy responsible for my claim. His computer was crap so had to let me go so he could schedule my car's damage appraisal. He called me back the next day that the appointment was for Friday at 2pm.
Beach was uneventful, but the hotel was getting a new roof. In addition to pounding a lot, roofers knocked out our satellite tv for most of the three night stay.
On Thursday, I was first up like most days of the vacation and got news (call) of my job interview before the family got up. While on the road, got a call from a different guy from insurance while we were stopped at BK near Huntsville. Shortly after we ate I got another call about my job interview wanting to verify my appointment. I was driving so J answered and held the phone for me.
Alabama was a long drive. Tennessee only sucked because Nashville was a mess of accidents. Kentucky was a blur until I got a root beer with bite.
I did all of the driving from point A to point B to point C and back to point A. J drove around point C when B needed to go to urgent care due to a weird rash.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

a little about vacation

I didn't want to go on vacation. I had been putting off house projects. I don't feel like I ever have time to get things done since I'm always watching kids and too tired when I don't have to watch the kids. Driving out of state wasn't my idea, and I resented going. They were going with or without me, so I sucked it up and went. I  don't blame the vacation for the accident, but I wouldn't have had the accident if I were at home working on my deck or bathroom, right?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

vacation, wreck, and new beginnings

My job began to be annoying in August. They hired a guy to work the days I don't work. Peeved me since it meant I couldn't take vacation and switch my days to maximize days off and such. Sucked more when they decided to cut my weekly hours from 25 to 20. Then there was the suggestion that I should only work 3 hours a night.
I started looking for supplemental income. Saw an 8 hour a week gig at a local fake college and it seemed like a good fit until I got a rejection email last week while on vacation in Alabama. The message came while I was on the phone with my insurance, since I hadn't had phone coverage in Arkansas, I was able to get my vm. 
Starting a vacation with a car accident is pretty bad. Worse is that it was completely my fault since I should have seen a car coming at me and avoided getting T-boned. Thankfully, my family and the other car's passengers weren't harmed. Thankfully, our car still drove though neither driver side door opened. We made it to Arkansas, Alabama and back without further incident beyond duct taping the space between the door and car created by the impact bowing the door.
Since I was rejected for the job I thought I had in the bag, I was really, really bummed. I perked up when I saw a job in my email that had potential. I had to go to the beach first, but I applied and forgot about it until the next day when I got a call about it. I explained that I was in Alabama and was driving back the next day (Thursday) so Friday was the earliest I could come in. She thanked me and said nothing until late Friday was noted. I got an email that I had an interview for Friday at 5. 
J was happy and disappointed. She wanted to stay an extra day, but now we had to go back.
So much happened between the vacation being nice, the long drive home, the drop off of the car at the repair shop, and the pre-employment physical, it's all very surreal in hindsight. A single blog post can't do justice to the feelings I have. I feel sick. I feel happy.  

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Body Double

HilIary could be dead as I type. The videos showed things that didn't look good. The recovered "HilIary" didn't have secret service mobbed around her, and she hugged a young girl. People say she looks 50lbs lighter. People say her nose now has a bump. People now say her ring finger grew. People now say her coutore clothes don't fit.
I wonder if google will hide the before and after images.
I retweeted stuff so I can find it later, but I've seen people say their tweets have vanished. HilIary's heath is one thing, but the fact that she's potentially got a body double posing as her is very disconcerting.